Cottage Life

Texas Baptist Children’s Home operates as an open campus with a cluster of four Campus Life cottages that provide for the care of the children. Each cottage houses up to eight same-sex children along with a set of house parents. Two children share one bedroom and two rooms share one bathroom. 

Each cottage has a married couple serving as house parents, who quickly become Mom and Pop to children in their care. The house parents are responsible for nurturing the children on a daily basis.

TBCH staff makes every effort to provide a normal home environment for children needing to live away from their families. In an effort to create this home environment, the cottage family eats meals together, prays together, and attends local church services. The children complete daily chores, have mandatory homework and study time, and take cottage family outings on a regular basis. Older residents have opportunities to work part-time jobs and learn skills for independent living, such as managing money, cooking and planning for college.